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Audiostar Pro Multitrack Recording Mixer App

Audiostar Multitrack Recording Mixer for iPhone - Details • View in iTunes
Audiostar Pro Multitrack Recording Mixer for iPad - Details • View in iTunes
Powerful multitrack digital recording mixer. Great for laying down vocal and instrument tracks, capturing sound effects, recording practice sessions, making CDs and more!

Fully featured portable recording studio for serious sound enthusiasts. Also functions as a sophisticated and easy to use general purpose audio recorder with file sharing. Plus you can download your recordings through iTunes and import them into your favorite audio editor for a truly professional recording experience.

NOTED FEATURES • Selectable Recording Sample Rate • Selectable Bit Depth - Recording Quality • Variable Playback Time Delay per Track • iTunes and Email File Sharing of Recorded Tracks • Real-Time Audio Input and Output Level Display • Professional High Quality Audio Recordings • Background Image Selection • 8-Track Recording Mixer • Synchronized Playback • Auto-Extend Session • Session Lock Control • Duplicate Session • Rename Session • Session Notes • Track Muting • Plus more!

Top Fuel Drag Racing Simulator App

Top Fuel Drag Racing Simulator for iPhone - Details • View in iTunes
Top Fuel Drag Racing Simulator HD for iPad - Details • View in iTunes
Feel the need for speed? Then jump into the most realistic drag strip racing game available in the App Store and start racing down a 1/4 mile drag strip in a 8,000 hp 280 mph nitro burning top fuel funny car now!

Game Center Enabled • Extremely realistic functionality • Real nitro burning race car sounds • Manual 6-speed transmission • Speed adjusted moving roadway • Functioning tachometer • Functioning speedometer • Reaction time display • Final speed display • Quarter-mile time display • And more!

Wild boar Hunter App

Wild Boar Hunter - Details • View in iTunes
Can you slay the fiercest beast in the forest? Do you wanna try? Hunt a wild boar deep into the woods with nothing but a bolt action rifle and a 5-round clip... if you dare!

Actual rifle and bolt action sound effects • Realistic windage and yardage physics • Multiple scope magnifications • True-to-life shooting action • 3 different target practice scenes • Easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels • Turn sounds on or off • 3D visual graphics • And more!

Jet Ski Jam!

Jet Ski Jam! - Details • View in iTunes
Ride a super fast jet ski on the open ocean as you dodge buoys, shallow waters, and great white sharks while taking jumps and making flips just like the pros!

If you like jet skiing or riding waverunners then you'll love this pro-style watercross game.

Snowmobile Slalom Racer App

Snowmobile Slalom Racer for iPhone - Details • View in iTunes
Snowmobile Slalom Racer HD for iPad - Details • View in iTunes
Feel the Rush racing a super fast snowmobile as you dodge trees, ice patches, and other riders while taking jumps and making flips just like the pros!

Realistic snowmobile racing simulator with... Actual engine sounds, flips and jumps, vivid graphics, functional throttle, full game statistics, easy, medium, and hard levels of play, and more! Rated for all ages.

Web Express App

Web Express! Offline Page Reader for iPad - Details • View in iTunes
Offline Web Page Reader is a simple and easy to use reliable offline Web page reader and Internet browser!

Browse to your favorite websites and download the pages you want to read offline for when you don't have an Internet connection. Saves text, images, page formatting, links, and more. Plus, you can post links to your Facebook account!

Great for commuters, travelers, students, those on the go, and everyone else who want to read their favorite articles at their convenience... anytime, anywhere.

iFish 3D Mac App

iFish 3D - Details • View in iTunes
Personal 3D Tropical Fish Aquarium with Real Audio for Mac!

Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of your very own full-screen tropical fish aquarium for relaxing at work, home, and school. True 3D animated tropical fish models with realistic artificial-intelligence movement. Awesome as a screensaver too!

FEATURES: 4-way panoramic view • Day and night modes • Audio on/off toggle.

Zombie Graveyard

Zombie Graveyard - Details • View in iTunes
It's kill or be killed! Can you take on the deadliest zombie in the graveyard? Do you wanna try?

Hunt down psycho zombies in the graveyard of the undead and aim for their head to make sure they're dead. But don't get too close or you may get eaten alive!

Actual rifle sound effects • Realistic windage and yardage physics • Multiple scope magnifications • True-to-life shooting action • 3 different target practice scenes • Easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels • Turn sounds on or off • 3D visual graphics • And more!

Camster Pro 2! Network Camera

Camster Pro 2! Network Camera - Details • View in iTunes
Instantly turn your iOS device into a real-live network camera! No network setup required, just press a button and view your iPhone cam from anywhere in the world!

Can be viewed by 1 or more iOS devices or web browsers simultaneously. Also, record in camera and viewer mode for up to 48 continuous hours. Install on multiple devices for viewing and recording multiple network cameras at your home or business.

Great for use as nanny cam, surveillance camera, baby cam, security and entrance camera, spy cam, vehicle anti-theft camera, property protection cam, network camera, web cam, etc.

Super easy to use, no need for any network configuration setup or third party vendors to view your iPhone cam remotely, which is normally a very complicated and costly process to go through for a personal network camera.

Camster! New York City App

Camster! New York City - Details • View in iTunes
Watch over 200 New York City street cameras in real-time! View and record streaming video in the palm of your hand at the touch of a finger anytime, anywhere remotely 24-hours a day.

Great for commuters, taxi, truck, and limo drivers, messengers, delivery and emergency personnel, and anyone else who wants to keep an eye on the city that never sleeps!

iDice 3D

iDice 3D - Details • View in iTunes
3D Digital Dice Set with real dice shaking and rolling sounds. Just shake your device to roll the dice!

Never get stuck without dice again, with iDice 3D you'll always have a set of dice with you wherever you go. Great for all dice, board, and street games!

Select from 1 to 6 dice • Your own dice texture • Your own dot color • And more!

Play your favorite dice games like Craps, Farkle, Yahtzee, Bunco, Liar's Dice, Aces, Pig, Backgammon and more anywhere, anytime with your iDice 3D Digital Dice Set.

Vidster 2! Video Camera Recorder App

Vidster 2! Video Camera Recorder - Details • View in iTunes
Record video on any iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad that has a camera running iOS 4.0 and up! Including 2G, 3G, 3GS, and 4 devices. Now you can make high-quality full screen videos with audio in any orientation up to 3 hours in length! Note: For iOS 3.1 and 3.2 use Vidster! Video Camera Recorder

Works great for recording TV shows and movies to watch at your convenience. A must have for recording birthday parties, family gatherings, holidays, vacations, weddings, concerts, school plays, sporting events, and more!

Sound Sleep App

Sound Sleep - Details • View in iTunes
Sleep aid and stress reliever... Improve your sleep and enhance your mood with Sound Sleep. Relax to calming sounds and awake to a gentle alarm with our easy to use and elegantly simple yet highly sophisticated application.

Remember... when you sleep better you feel better!

Galaxy Defender App

Galaxy Defender - Details • View in iTunes
Defend the galaxy against alien invaders with a rapid fire laser while racking up points and advancing to unlimited levels! Have fun for hours blasting alien spaceships into oblivion as the game gets progressively harder to play... are you up for the challenge?

Unlimited Game Levels • Easy to learn... Difficult to master • Cool sound effects • Vivid graphics and animations • Full game statistics • For all ages

Crossword Solver FREE App

Crossword Solver FREE - Details • View in iTunes
Solve the toughest crossword puzzles FAST and EASILY on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with XWord Solver!

Do you enjoy playing those challenging crossword puzzles online and in our daily newspapers, but after you've given it your best and still can't find the answer don't you wish you had a little help?

Sound EFX FREE App

Sound EFX FREE - Details • View in iTunes
Get a fantastic collection of interesting and unique sounds with Sound EFX for FREE!

Sound EFX is FUN and EASY to use. Have a blast listening to explosions, crack up your family playing hilarious laughing tracks, scare your friends with the creature growl, trick your treaters with a witch's cackle, and more!

Camster 2! Network Camera Viewer App

Camster 2! Network Camera Viewer FREE - Details • View in iTunes
Watch real-time network cameras from around the world for FREE! Add your own cameras too for watching your home or business or favorite public cam remotely 24-hours a day.

View streaming video in the palm of your hand at the touch of a finger anytime, anywhere! Great for nanny cams, surveillance cameras, baby cams, IP cameras, network cameras, Web cams, spy cams, security cameras, traffic and weather cams, public cameras, etc.


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